Jammer Subversive

Jammer Subversive

By David Eber.


You are a member of the Jammers, a revolutionary anarchist group dedicated to overthrowing tyranny everywhere in general, and in 2056 in particular. Originally, you were probably a citizen of the Buro police state. You are one of the rare individuals who seem to be immune to the pervasive effects of chi. As a result, you were able to see the Buro for the monstrous, totalitarian regieme that it truly is. You somehow managed to contact other disidents who helped you escape into the Netherworld, and from there you quickly joined the ranks of the Jammers. Maybe you were already a Netherworld exile, or perhaps you simply wandered into the secret war from another juncture. Perhaps you joined the Jammers because you are a rebel and a malcontent at heart, or because you were bored, slightly cracked, or because you just like to blow things up. Whatever the reason, you are now a part of the Jammers, fighting the war against tyranny throughout time by destroying Feng Shui sites. Sure, you're an outlaw. Sure, you've got lots of enemies. And sure, you have a low life expectancy. But none of that matters. So long as you can detonate a fuse, you'll keep on fighting to the end.

Bod 5, Chi 0 (For 1, Mag = 8), Mnd 3, Ref 5

Add a total of 8 points to primary attributes. Max for all primary attributes is 10.

Fix-It +5 (8) [Max 12]
Guns +5 (10) [Max 13]
Jammertech +10 (=13)
Martial Arts +3 (8) [Max 10]
Sabotage +10 (=15)

Add 6 skill bonuses. You may switch the ratings of Guns and Martial arts if you desire. You may also switch the ratings of Jammertech and Sabotage if you wish.

Three weapons from any juncture. Most Jammer weapons are stolen from 2056.
2 Jammertech schticks. You may not take Tank Body as your schtick choice.
Unique Schtick:
You may never learn or use Fu powers or Sorcery schticks, and you may never attune yourself to a Feng Shui site. Your high Magic rating represents your ability to resist the effects of Magic and Chi.
Quick Schtick Pick:
Buro 9, Uzi, knife
Robot Arm, Jet Boots
Wealth Level:

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