Jammertech Schticks

By Scott Pyle and David Eber.

Robot Limb

Cost: 1 schtick per limb
Boom points: 1 per sequence used

Robot Limb gives the same benefits as the Arcanowave device of the same name (Strength 12, Move 12).

Options: For one Schtick each, add any of the following options: retractable claws (14 damage), energy blast (15 damage), shooting grapple-fist (same damage as punch, 100 meters of super-strong nylon cord ideal for dramatic, swinging entrances and exits), anything else you can think of!

Power Armor

Cost: 3 schticks
Boom points: 2 per sequence used

Power Armor grants the wearer Strength 14, Flight at Move 15, and Armor +4. However, the wearer also has a -3 AV for any non-combat Agility action.

Options: For one Schtick each, add any of the following options: any Robot Arm options, Internal Radar.

Jet Boots

Cost: 1 schtick
Boom points: 1 per sequence used

Jet Boots give the wearer Flight at Move 12, the ability to rocket leap up to 4x Move meters, and a power kick doing Strength +5 damage.

Internal Radar

Cost: 1 schtick
Boom points: 1 per two sequences used

Internal Radar gives +3 to Perception AV, allows 360 degree perception in a five meter radius around the user, and allows the user to fight blind if necessary.

Options: Internal Radar can be adapted externally, as in a helment or goggles.

Cyborg Conversion

Cost: 2 schticks
Boom points: 2 per sequence used

A character with a Cyborg Conversion has +2 Strength, +1 Toughness, +1 Manual Dexterity, -2 Agility, Retractable Claws (Strength +7 damage), and Super Leap at 3x Move.

Options: For one Schtick each, add any of the following: any Robot Arm schtick, Internal Radar, Jet Boots, Chest Mounted Machinegun (13/-/60), Armor Plating (one schtick per two points of armor; no more armor than Strength), or Chest Bomb (30 damage in a 30 meter radius when detonated; automatic death for the detonater).

Shoulder-Mounted Weapon

Cost: 1 schtick
Boom points: 1 per sequence used

This is an additional weapon mounted on the shoulder (it does not confer any additional attacks). It can be attached to a cyborg body or power armor, and it retracts to rest behind the back when not in use. These weapons are for use against large, heavily armored, or distant targets, and should not be used in close combat. If they are used in close combat, the GM should apply whatever negative modifiers to hit he or she deems appropriate (these weapons generally need time to acquire a target and arm themselves; also, many have a large area of effect). Weapons include: quad surface-to-air missle launcher (25 damage, can be fired one at a time or all at once), seven-shot rocket launcher (20 damage, can be fired one at a time or all at once), and a grenade launcher (14 damage, 10 grenades).

Robot Leg

Cost: 1 schtick
Boom points: 1 per sequence used

1 leg gives a STR +4 kick. 2 legs gives a STR +4 kick and Move +4.

Options: Jet skates may be added if you have two Robot Legs, at the cost of 1 schtick and an additional 2 boom points per sequence. These take the form of retractable wheels on the bottom of the foot, along with a mini-rocket booster. When activated, the PC gets an additional +4 boost to Move for the sequence. This may be done 3 times before refueling is necessary.

Jet Pack

Cost: 1 schtick
Boom points: 2 per sequence used

This allows the PC to fly with a Move of 10. When this is activated the GM secretly rolls a die. This is the number of sequences the PC can remain airborne. The GM rolls an additional die for each additonal schtick spent on Jet Pack, up to a maximum of three. The pack can be used three times before it needs refueling.

Tank Body

Cost: Special
Boom points: 2 per sequence used

This is not so much a full cybernetic conversion as it is a vehicle. Basically, the ape PC is cybernetically modified to allow it to interface directly with a specially modified tank. While within the tank the ape sees and experiences things as if it were the tank. The ape is permanently attached to the tank body.

This schtick costs all of the PC's available schticks, and it has a rating of 3 boom points. The PC may have no other Jammertech schticks if it takes this one. The tank body provides the following benefits:

PC's with a tank body are entitled to three free options. Each additional option adds one boom point. Options include:

Additional light weapons: light machinegun (13**/-/500), heavy machinegun (17++/-/100, 2 options), flamethrower (14**/-/30, targets hit by this weapon suffer an additional 11 points of damage for the next 8 shots, 2 options), smoke dispensers (all unprotected characters make actions at -4 due to poor visibilty and lack of oxygen; the tank's operator is not affected).

**: Takes out unnamed characters on an outcome of 3 or more
++: Takes out unnamed characters on an outcome of 2 or more

Additional heavy weapons: quad missle launcher, 7 shot rocket launcher, 20 shot grenade launcher. See the Shoulder-Mounted Weapon schtick for details.

Internal sensor package: Adds +4 to PER, negates penalties for fighting in poor visibility or darkness.

Aqua-conversion: Allows the tank to function as a submersible. Includes sonar and a 4 hour air supply. Rockets or missles above may be replaced with torpedoes.

Additional armor: Each extra 2 points of armor costs one option. Extra armor does not add boom points, but reduces MOV by 1. Additional armor may not be taken if it reduces the tank's MOV to less than 5.

Enhanced engine: Adds a +1 boost to MOV. Adds 2 boom points each time this option is taken.


You may add 1 schtick worth of options to any Jammertech device without altering its boom point rating, but any additional options will increase its rating by one level.

The Robot Limb, Power Armor, Jet Boots, Internal Radar, and Cyborg Conversion are by Scott Pyle. The Shoulder-Mounted Weapon, Robot Leg, Jet Pack, Tank Body, and the Chest-Mounted Machine Gun, Armor Plating, and Chest Bomb options for the Cyborg Conversion are by David Eber.

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