Session 5 Experience

200 apiece.

Session 5

Scheduled for 7/9. Be there or be heretical.

Session 4 Experience

200 points apiece except Tauron, who got 300; total is 1000 each.


Codex Arachnus

Codex Arachnus Cover


If you put together all the background and sort it and so on, it looks like this. The Emperor is of course the largest word.

6/18 Cancelled

Due to player absence and celebratory evenings.

Session 3 Recap

House Callidon is a minor noble house with a long history of bibliophilia. It is located on the Hive World of Baraspine. Our loyal band of servants arrived at the House on assignment to recover a certain book, twin to the one almost stolen by heretics. They were assured that Baron Callidon would understand the necessity.

Matters started to go wrong on arrival, when they were met by a nervous castellan, one Cheswick. He explained, or rather did not really explain, that something awful had happened to the Baron. Baroness Callidon echoed his concern and his lack of clarity both. In the end, Wollsey cut through the static and ordered the group brought to the Baron.

The Baron was situated in the library, past a set of armed guards and hastily installed locks. While he was, in some senses, alive, he was also missing the top half of his head; from all appearances, his head had exploded from the inside out. Nonetheless he was able to communicate, after a fashion. He explained that he’d be happy to give over the book, but he didn’t have it any more, because it had been stolen. Presumably by the same people who left him in his current state. His madness limited his utility.

Octus departed the library to interrogate everyone within reach, beginning with the Baroness and Cheswick. Grim spent a little while investigating the library; it was for the most part rare historical works, with some mild heresy mixed in. Wollsey braced himself and dug around in the remains of the Baron for a little while, discovering some non-human meat in with the rest. Beef, perhaps?

Meanwhile, Octus learned first that the House had been on “lockdown,” and second that the House’s definition of lockdown did not include excluding servants. After much interrogation and study of records, it became clear that the only outsiders in the House at the time of the incident were slaughtermen, or butchers. While nobody remembered them leaving the kitchen area, or doing anything except dropping off carcasses, it was also the case that several people had odd lapses of memory around that evening.

Back in the library, Wollsey ordered the room burnt to the ground. The Baron did not object. Grim, watching with psyker eyes, saw the Baron’s consciousness flee the room, but without a host it seemed unlikely that it would last long.

The team proceeded to the kitchen, where Wollsey noticed a kitchen boy — one Gebbo Thumb — acting suspiciously. He fled when he noticed Wollsey’s attention, but Grim and Mir had little trouble apprehending him.

He admitted to allowing the slaughtermen in, and noted that they weren’t the usual vendors. As is standard practice among the noble houses of Baraspine, he accepted a bribe to allow a new set of tradesmen a chance to out-do the usual ones. The arrangement was organized by his brother Herrick, who was in the business of making such arrangements.

With some persuasion, Gebbo agreed to take the team to his brother. Without any delay, the group proceeded down into the bowels of the Hive. Midway down, two men — slaughtermen, from their garb — attacked the group with chain-axes. They moved with an odd, unjointed stiffness. When Mir cut off one’s arm, a chitinous thing was visible where a skeleton might otherwise be, and when the pair was killed two spider-like creatures withdrew their five limbs, each limb corresponding to arm and arm and leg and leg, and fled into the sewers.

The team is now partially wounded, and contemplating the next move.

Masks of Justice

Every Arbitrator of every rank wears a mask. These masks are intended to symbolize the impersonal, implacable nature of Imperial Law, and also to protect the identity of those who devote their lives to dispensing the Emperor’s Justice. Arbitrators are expected to wear their mask whenever acting in an official capacity, and to keep their masks clean, polished and in good repair.

Low-ranking Arbitrators are issued their masks. These are simple things made of a bronze-like metal, generally featureless, and are a familiar sight on most worlds. They provide no additional protection to the wearer’s face or head, and are cheaply and easily replaced. As Arbitrators advance through the ranks, however, they are awarded better masks, which cover the head, doubling as flak helmets. Here, Arbitrators are permitted to customize their masks with useful devices, such as filtration plugs and re-breathers, though the expense of such outfitting must be borne by the individual. The masks worn by the uppermost echelons of the Adeptus Arbites are baroque, terrifying things: massive helms that engulf the head and neck, beautifully detailed and incorporating the rarest and most expensive technology.

Session 3 Experience

200 points apiece; total is 800 each.


Atellus: Psy Rating 2
Octus: +5 Ballistics Skill
Grim: Psy Rating 2
Woolsey: Deceit +10

Calixis Sector Encyclopedia

Tag, here. This looks like a reformatting of the material on the old GW Dark Heresy site, which is perfect. Printable.