Comrades in Arms

By Jose Garcia.

[This press release is from Jose Garcia himself; he can be reached at]

This summer Daedalus Entertainment will be launching its official Shadowfist/Feng Shui Newsletter, Comrades in Arms. Details regarding the distribution of the newsletter and its publication date are yet to come. What we're looking to do at the moment is to drum up submissions.

The newsletter will feature announcements, product news, articles and short works of fiction concerning Shadowfist and Feng Shui. Some of which will be authored by Daedalus staffers but we'll be drawing heavily on fan contributors.


Daedalus compensates contributors in product to the amount of 5 cents of product (valued at suggested retail price) per word. Contributors get their choice of product (subject to availability) and a complimentary contributor's copy at the time of publication. Daedalus holds the publication rights to the material in question but copyright remains with the contributor. Note however that depending on the nature of the article, that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be able to publish and sell this material without Daedalus harumphing. Although as usual we have no problem with fans writing material using our copyrights and trademarks for their web pages, newsgroup postings, etc.

We're also interested in someone with editing and layout skills to get the newsletter ready for press. This is something that we can do ourselves but all other things being equal we'd prefer to have it done out of house. We'd would compensate such a contribution with product as well.

Writers Guidelines

First off don't send any unsolicited material. If you're interested in contributing contact me first. I recommend that you don't do anything until you've been given the go ahead.

The following is a list of things I'm looking for. If you have an idea for an article that doesn't fit anything on this list drop me a note and see if you can't convince me to publish it.

This is actually more than one issue's worth of material so some of it will be appearing in the second issue.

Other Details

Even though we're Canadian and loyal subjects of the Queen and all we use American spelling. Our American customers outnumber our Canadian and British customers and they're better armed to boot.

All submissions must be made as attached text files via email. If for some reason you're reading this and don't have email, don't bother submitting. We've been spoiled by the convenience of the internet.

Please include your email and snail mail address at the end of your article but not within the body of the text of your article. Include your snail and email addresses. Also include your want list. Do include second choices just in case anything you want is out of stock at time of publication. If you request something that hasn't been published yet we'll send it to you if its available at the time of publication otherwise we'll go on to your second choice. For the sake of the sanity of Daedalus staffers all product will be sent out with the contributors copies at the time of publication. Refrain from any "wait until product X is published and give me Y copies of it" requests, although a "if product X is available at time of publication give me Y copies of it otherwise give me Z" is all right.

I hope that serves to provide you with a clear picture of what we're looking for. I look forward to hearing from you.

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