Zen Wanderer

By Mike "Katsuo" Hall.

"What brings me here, child? Perhaps your need is what brought me here...or perhaps the Will of Heaven. Who are we to decide, we who are just mortals...let us choose to simply accept what is ordained and put ourselves to the task at hand, shall we?"

They call you a mystic, a crazy traveller on the highways of fate, lost in a world of fantasy and abstract theory. You prefer to think of yourself as a student: a student of the wind, and the trees, of the world itself and the rhythms of its rivers and valleys. You are led by forces that few, yourself included, can ever understand...does some greater hand guide your way? Or is it the empty state you can achieve in meditation that steers you all over the world in search of problems that need your hand in solving? That is not your concern. It doesn't worry you...why should it worry anyone else?

Regardless of your Juncture of origin, you believe in Magic...you believe in myth. You believe in the power of the mind. These powers are beyond you to command (you have learned only a little), but you feel their presence all around you. You are a warrior of sorts, as well, but you do not choose your battles. Your battles choose you. Guided from within, you are always on the right side of a conflict, and always prepared to give your all for the cause. The Superior Man is an ideal that you come very close to living up to.

In your travels, you have come across many strange things. Some of them have been glorious, some repellent...the unnatural acts of the Architects and the Lotus have not escaped your attention. The valiant struggle of the Dragons, the prideful crusade of the Guiding Hand, the insane (but well-intentioned) mission of the Jammers, and the convoluted machinations of the Ascended...you are aware of them all. The open mind is an observant mind. The Secret War calls to you.

You will anwer the call.

Bod 5, Chi 0 (For=6, Mag=1, Fu=2), Mnd 5 (Per=10), Ref 5

Divide 4 points among your primary attributes, and add 1 each to two secondary attributes. Max for all primary and secondary attributes is 10.

Info/Eastern Philosophy + 6 (11)
Info/History and Folklore + 5 (10)
Info/Languages + 4 (9)
Info/Music, poetry, or storytelling +4 (9)
Martial Arts + 9 (=14)
Sorcery + 1 (=2)

Add 4 Skill Bonuses.

1 Sorcery schtick (you cannot select Blast as your schtick), 1 Fu schtick
Unique Schtick: Wisdom of the Sage.
Your eyes are open to things that most mundane mortals do not see. You can see ghosts, and see the influence of magic or chi in the aura of a place. Much like an Innerwalker, you can see the changes of a critical shift even if you have never been to the Netherworld. You can even sense the presence of evil: making a successful Perception roll against a Difficulty equal to the Willpower or Charisma (whichever is higher) of the target individual will reveal to you the nature of his motives, be they good or bad.
One melee combat weapon.
Quick Schtick Pick:
bamboo flute that doubles as a bo staff
Magic and Fu Schticks:
Divination, Crane Stance
Wealth Level:

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