Transformed Wolf

By Colin Chapman.

Attribute Modifiers

Body + 1, Mind + 2, Perception + 3, Reflexes + 1


Bared Fangs

Chi Cost: 4
Shot Cost: 1

Tensing your muscles, and baring your teeth you attempt to intimidate your opponent. After you've done this, you gain a bonus to your Martial Arts action value, provided that your Charisma is higher than that of your opponent. The bonus equals the difference between the two Charisma ratings. The bonus lasts until the end of the sequence. If you spend extra schticks on this ability, you can target an additional opponent per extra schtick.

(Bared Fangs is based squarely on the Display schtick.)


Chi Cost: 2
Shot Cost: 3

Feigning an attack against your opponent, you twist around them, bewildering them, and enabling an easier follow up attack. If you succeed at a Martial Arts check your opponent cannot dodge your next attack, and the attack itself does an extra +1 damage.

Primal Howl

Chi Cost: 5
Shot Cost: 1

Very similar to the Elephant's Trumpet schtick but this psychic message can only be sent to close friends and companions -- in essence, the characters pack members.

You can send a psychic signal to any and all friends and companions in your vicinity. That signal may be either a request for aid, or a warning to flee the area. No more sophisticated messages can be sent. Range of the ability equals your Chi rating in meters. Each additional schtick spent on this ability doubles the range.

Track Prey

Chi Cost: 8
Shot Cost: 3

By acquiring the scent of your target, you form a link enabling you to "home in" on their location. Range is Chi x 1 mile. Each extra schtick spent on this ability doubles the homing range. No disguise or change they go through will fool you.

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