Transformed Wasp

By Evan James.

Attribute Modifiers

Move +3, Mind +2, Reflexes +2



Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: 1

You can silently communicate with one other transformed animal within your vicinity. Range is your Chi rating in meters, centered on you. Pick a one word sentence and make a Willpower task check against the Intelligence of the character to are attempting to communicate with; if successful, they receive your message. Each additional schtick spent on this doubles your range, or each additional schtick spent adds +1 to your task check.


Chi Cost: 8
Shot Cost: 3

You can become airborne, and remain airborne until the end of the sequence. You may reach a maximum vertical height equal to your Move rating, and travel horizontally up to twice your Move rating. Each extra schtick adds a distance equal to your Move rating to vertical flight and twice your Move rating to horizontal distance.


Chi Cost: X
Shot Cost: 3

Make a bare-handed Martial Arts attack; you do not do normal damage. Instead, opponent suffers 3 Wound Points at the beginning of each sequence for X sequences.


Chi Cost: 6
Shot Cost: 1

Select one specific opponent. Until the end of the sequence, the shot costs of any attacks you make against that opponent are reduced by 1. By spending an extra schtick, they are reduced by 2.

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