Wandering Monk

By Evan James.

Note: This archetype is going to be part of the 1850's Old West series I'm writing up, so a little bit of the main concepts are altered to fit the style. However, this archetype doesn't stray to far from the Feng Shui game design. Really the only thing I would point out for this is that the Medicine skill is limited and relies on mostly herbs, leeches, etc. The inspiration for this is -- obviously -- Kwai Chang Caine. Until I get more for you to read, enjoy (and give me feedback on) the following:

Wandering Monk

"My work here is done."

As your life unfolded in the secluded mountain monastery, you led a simple life, learning to appreciate the finer beauty of nature and the true characteristics of man. You learned to sharpen your instincts and emotions through rigorous physical, mental, and spiritual instruction. You gained valuable insight most men would never know. Then came the fateful day. The day when your quiet life as you knew it turned upside down and you were forced to leave the temple's solitude. Naive to the world, you made your way across the ocean to the wild, untamed wilderness of America's western frontier. Here you face prejudice and danger unlike anything you've known before, but with wisdom in your mind and educated fists, you will survive.

Juncture: 1850

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 2 (Fu =8), Mnd 5, Ref 5

Add a total of 4 points among your primary attributes.

Info/Eastern Philosophy +6 (11)
Leadership +2 (7)
Martial Arts +9 (=14)
Medicine +2 (7)

Add 3 skill bonuses.

Schticks: 4 Fu schticks

Unique Schtick: Insightful Flashback

During a moment of crisis, the character can recall a deep memory of his time living and training in the monastery. Once per sequence, spend a Fortune Point and automatically succeed at the next non-combat skill check the character makes. The character must be able to observe the situation he's attempting. Either the GM or the player (or both) should describe the flashback, complete with dissolves and wizened old masters passing down mystic lore used to apply to the task check.

Weapons: 1 hand-to-hand weapon

Quick Schtick Pick:
Fu Schticks:
Crane Stance
Wing of the Crane
Beak of the Crane
Talon of the Crane

Wealth Level: poor

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