Vengeful Hood

By Mike "Katsuo" Hall

"The Coronados may have been slime, but they were my family, you bastard. You killed them over a scrap of turf they only cared about because it was there home since they were kids. Well, muchacho, it's payback time..."

Once upon a time, you were just a common thug: hanging out with your buddies, getting drunk, racing motorcycles, committing the occasional petty theft...nothing serious, really. The only time you ever really hurt somebody was during the turf wars, when the rival neighborhood gangs collided in a brief and bloody symphony of carnage.

But then the triads moved in, and wanted control of your streets...and killed all of your friends to get that control. Now your dead friends cry out for vengeance, and, as the only one left, you don't really have any choice but to oblige...

On the other hand, maybe you were a serious gangster, working for the triads. Gangsters turn on each other all the time, but this time they went too far; killing your friends, or even setting you up to take a big fall to keep the cops off of their backs. You differ from the Reformed Gangster in that you are NOT exactly one of the good guys, but, at the moment, you share a common enemy with them. Perhaps there is redemption in your future, perhaps not. You don't care. The one thing in your future that IS certain, is blood.

Bod 5 (Tou 7), Chi =0 (For 1), Mnd 5, Ref 5

Add 2 points to one primary attribute. Add 1 point to one secondary attribute.

Driving +6 (11) (Max 13)
Guns +8 (=13)
Intimidation +6 (11) (Max 13)
Intrusion +4 (9)
Martial Arts +5 (10) (Max 12)

Add 3 Skill Bonuses.

Unique Schtick: Bound in Blood
Your loyalty to your friends borders on the fanatical. When they are in dire straits, you fight like a man possessed, with little or no regard for personal safety. In any sequence in which one of your fellow PC's is forced to make a Death Check and fails (only when the character could actually see the other PC fall), you gain a +2 AV bonus to all combat actions except for active dodges (which, if using the advantage imparted by this Schtick, you may only perform with a -1 AV modifier). This effect IS cumulative...these characters become quite deadly if their compatriots start dropping like flies. You may carry this bonus into further sequences, but only during this particular combat.
One hand-to-hand weapon and one gun.
Quick Schtick Pick:
Balisong ("butterfly knife"), Sig Sauer P220
You do not posess the focus neccessary to develop a Chi rating of more than 0, and you cannot develop a Fu or Mag score of more than 1. The effect of this limitation cannot be lifted; such is the price of the violent path you have chosen in life.
Wealth Level:

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