Urban Samaritan

By Mike "Katsuo" Hall.

"Look, kid, I know it's tough out there. But that's why you've gotta be tougher; tougher than the hoods, tougher than the gangs...you gotta be the absolute best you can be if you wanna walk out of life a winner."

A long time ago, you learned a valuable lesson: the quality of the world we live in is up to each and every one of us. This means that the temptations of gang life, crime, and the lure of the gun must be avoided at all costs. Still, the streets are a tough place to live, and you've had to learn how to handle yourself in a scrap. It was really only a matter of time before you began to spread your message to your community. Maybe you run a gym or martial arts school to teach kids how to better themselves mentally and physically, hoping that they will also learn the folly of running afoul of the law. You could also be a volunteer at an area crisis center, or the organizer of a neighborhood watch. However you do it, you are a real force for good in a world where too many people only care about Number One. You live primarily on donations to your cause and whatever odd jobs you can pick up. Even the local hoods think that you're a stand up kind of guy. Of course, your heroic nature can be a curse as well: whenever the bad guys show up in your 'hood, you just can't help but be right in the thick of things, fighting them back to where they came from. Their guns don't belong on your streets, and their drugs don't belong in your schools. This fight is for the kids...

Bod 5, Chi 0, Mnd 5 (Wil=9), Ref 5

Add 2 points to one primary attribute. Add 1 point to another primary attribute. Add 1 point to one secondary attribute.

Fix-It +5 (10)
Info/your choice +5 (10)
Info/your choice +3 (8)
Intimidation +4 (9)
Leadership +6 (11)
Martial Arts +8 (=13)

Add 4 Skill Bonuses.

Unique Schticks:

Community Figure

Whether or not you are well-liked is irrelevant; the fact remains that the folks in your neighborhood can't help but respect you. Even the local thugs, to some degree. Leadership and Intimidation checks against the local residents have an AV bonus of +3, and Intimidation checks against the local hoods have a bonus of +2. These bonuses apply only in your native locale.

Fierce Persistence

The path you have chosen in life does not allow for anyone who gives up easily. When you have received enough Wound Points to begin suffering the effects of Impairment, make an open Willpower roll with the difficulty being 5 plus the number of Wound Points you have above 24. If the check is a success, you are able to ignore the effects of Impairment for the remainder of the current combat. In future combats, you must repeat the roll should you wish to use this Schtick's effect again.

Guns are the antithesis of nearly everything you stand for, and as such you despise them whole-heartedly. You may not acquire the Guns skill. In addition, you resist taking human life, and discourage others from doing so as well. Should you be forced to kill someone in the course of play, you are wracked with remorse, and gain two less Experience Points than you would have been given at the end of the adventure (you cannot, of course, receive less than 0).
Wealth Level:

Although you have a gym, equipment, and other trappings of a neighborhood volunteer service, these things are provided for by donations and charity drives. Your personal wealth level is considered Poor. However, your GM may permit a level of Working Stiff or even Rich if this jibes better with the story concept you have for your character. Consult your GM.

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