Treasure Hunter

By Colin Chapman.

"An 80' corridor full of deadly pit traps, venomous snakes and insects, scything blades, hidden crossbows, and rolling boulders leading to the fabled Dragon Sword of Kang. Give me 15 seconds."

Archaeology is your passion, especially lost and fabled antiquities, but you have to admit that merely reading about them can become very tedious. So you've taken to adventurers life as a treasure hunter, travelling the globe in search of great ancient treasures. Maybe you work for a museum, freelance, or even for your own private collection. Of course, you'd never actually use these priceless pieces of history; they're much too valuable for that.

The challenge of defying death at the hands of the ancients' fiendish traps is elixir vitae to you, but of course that isn't the only problem you face. There's always someone who objects strongly to your retrieval of these artefacts, be it the unknown cult or tribe that owns and worships it or the evil rival hunters who would use them for their own nefarious ends. Perhaps your "rivals" are sects involved in the Secret War. The opportunities the Secret War offers are far too tempting to resist. Just think, you actually get to go back to historic times! Ancient sorcerors and secret sects bent on world domination? Interesting, but what you'd really like is to get your hands on is the legendary artifact that Lotus leader owns...

Junctures: 1850, Contemporary

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 0 (For=8), Mnd 6, Ref 5

Divide 5 points among your primary attributes allocating no more than 3 points to any one attribute. Add 1 to one secondary attribute.

Guns + 3 (8) [Max 12]
Info/Archaeology + 9 (=15)
Info/History + 6 (=12)
Intrusion + 3 (8)
Martial Arts + 3 (8) [Max 13]

Add 6 Skill Bonuses. Swap the [Max] limits of Guns and Martial Arts if desired.

Signature Weapon (either as a fu or a gun schtick)
Unique Schtick:
You add +4 to your rolls to Dodge traps, and even if you fail you may spend a Fortune point to automatically avoid it.

Weapons: 1 weapon of the appropriate juncture

Quick Schtick Pick:
(1850) Pistol
(Contemporary) Taurus Model 80

Wealth: Rich

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