Netherworld Traveller

By David Eber.

"I have wandered far and seen many places and many things, but I have never truly found myself until now."

The Netherworld is home to a large number of unfortunate souls who have found themselves on the losing end of the secret war. For some, their reality suffered a critical shift so great that they could not adjust to it. Others found themselves cut off from their home juncture, or deliberately exiled by their factions. Others still have been through so much they no longer have a firm grasp on any sort of reality at all. Most of these individuals amount to very little. Their days of glory gone by, they live out sad lives devoid of hope or purpose. However, some few manage to rise above this existence. Whether by luck, birth, talent, or ambition, these men and women rise above their fate and forge a new destiny for themselves. Some, having been born in the Netherworld, have no ties to hold them down. Others choose to deliberately exile themselves, so that they might sample all that the world has to offer them. These individuals often pick up a variety of useful abilities along the way, and they augment this with hard experience. Bound to none, these wanderers often take sides for a time in the secret war, selling themselves for money, power, or thrills. But every once in a while one of them will realize that a life of endless wandering is wasted if one has no purpose, and that all the knowledge and expertise in the world are worthless without a reason to use them. It is these individuals who decide to make a difference.

The typical Netherworld Traveler has spent a lot of time wandering and picking up knowledge and skills from different sources. Many are partially or totally inhuman. The wide choice of attributes, skills, and schticks represents these possibilities. No two Netherworld Travelers need ever be the same.

Bod 5, Chi 0, Mnd 5, Ref 5

Divide six points among your primary attributes. You may exchange up to three primary attribute points for two secondary attribute points each. The maximum for all primary and secondary attributes is 10.

Info/Netherworld +5 (10)

Choose your remaining skills from any of the skills listed in the main rules. You may start with one skill =14, and one =11. You have 6 remaining skill bonuses to divide any way you like among any of the rest of your skill choices. None of these remaining skills may begin higher than 10.


Three weapons of your choice from any juncture.


Choose 5 schticks from the following list. You may choose no more than 4 schticks from any group. You may not take Fu powers with sorcery, sorcery with arcanowave devices, or arcanowave devices with Fu powers.

Schtick Choices:
Fu Powers
Arcanowave Devices
Creature Powers
Wealth Level:
Working Stiff

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