Path of Tempestuous Steel

By Colin Chapman.

This path relies on a bladed weapon of some kind, be it sword or dagger.

Sudden Lightning

Chi Cost: 1/X
Shot Cost: 1

You draw your blade and strike in one fluid and blindingly fast motion. You add 1 Initiative for each Chi point spent if this ability is used at the 'start' of a conflict sequence, but only if your weapon is sheathed. If performed later in a sequence, the Chi cost is only 1 point and Initiative may not be modified.

Prerequisite: None
Path: Razor Wave

Razor Wave

Chi Cost: 2
Shot Cost: 1

Spinning your blade in an arc, you parry your opponent's blow with the edge of your blade, damaging your attacker. You make an 'active' Parry as normal, and if it succeeds your attacker receives damage as if you had hit her with a standard attack with your weapon.

Prerequisite: Sudden Lightning
Path: Water Sword

Water Sword

Chi Cost: X
Shot Cost: 1

Make a display motion in which your sword seems to become springy and flexible. Until end of sequence, opponents suffer a penalty to their Dodge values equal to the amount of Chi you elect to spend, but only for attacks made by you.

Prerequisite: Razor Wave
Path: Cutting Wind

(Modelled after the Path of the Leaping Storm, p. 107, Feng Shui rulebook.)

Cutting Wind

Chi Cost: X
Shot Cost: 3

You slash at the air between you and your target, your blade trailing a razor-keen arc of air, cutting anything it hits. You must spend a Chi point for every 2 meters of distance between you and your target. Make a normal Martial Arts check to see if you had hit your opponent with your blade as in normal hand-to-hand combat.

It is possible to use this attack on multiple opponents as a stunt, and unlike 'Loyal Steel' there is no chance your opponents can intercept or catch your blade as you are still holding it.

Prerequisite: Water Sword
Path: Torrent of Fury

Torrent of Fury

Chi Cost: 8
Shot Cost: special

Spend all of your shots at once to launch a series of attacks against a number of opponents. Each time you succeed at a Martial Arts task check, you can immediately make an additional attack on another opponent. You may attack each individual opponent only once per sequence.

Prerequisite: Cutting Wind
Path: None

(Modelled after the Path of the Leaping Storm, p. 107, Feng Shui rulebook.)

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