Supernatural Cop

By Benjamin Baugh.

"Did you kill Tommy Wong?" "No man, I was in Kowloon all week..." "Let me rephrase. Did you kill Tommy Wong?" "Yes, master..."

You are a supernatural creature masquerading as human. You work besides Magic Cops who might hate your guts, and all to protect a race that would fear you if they saw you as you truly are. Perhaps you want to be human, or you are bound by ancient oaths to protect them, or you do it just to feel superior. Maybe you're even partially human yourself. Regardless, you are a member of one of the ultra secret police agencies that regulate the supernatural. Your personal experience is invaluable, as is the network of contacts you have among "your own kind." You are the perfect liaison between the masses of humanity whom you imitate, and the swarming chitinous horde of supernatural monsters of which you are, at heart, one. You get results but you never get the credit, and you're boss never gives you a break.

You have a human identity, you live in an apartment, you eat fast food, and you watch TV, but deep at your core the dark currents of underworld energy burn through your bones and the line you walk is a fine one. Sometimes it would be so easy just to say the word, and that dirt bag mob boss would go jump off a bridge. Sometimes, when the moon is just so, it takes all your reserves of will not to revert to your true form and wreak havoc about you. The Secret War is in your blood. The Architects and the Lotus would both love to get their hands, instruments, or spells on you, but you give as good as you get.

Bod 5, Chi 0 (Mag = 8), Mnd 5, Ref 5
Add 6 to primary attributes. The maximum for any attributes is 10.
Creature Powers +6 (=14)
Guns +5 (10) [Max 13]
Info/Occult +6 (11) [Max 13]
Police +3 (8)
Martial Arts +3 (8) [Max 12]

Reverse Guns and Martial Arts if desired. Add 3 skill bonuses.

2 Gun Schticks, plus Transformation and two other Creature Schticks.
2 weapons appropriate to juncture
Unique Schtick:
  1. The Supernatural Cop's first transformation form must be human and must have an established identity, but the Supernatural Cop can make Creature Powers checks without reverting to monstrous form. While in human form, the Supernatural Cop may employ any Creature Schticks which don't call for actual inhuman physical features. For example, Dominate might be employed, but Abysmal Spines may not. The alternate form will have a single minor physical feature of the player's choice which resembles the original creature, such as inhuman eyes like a cat or long pointed nails like a mandarin.
  2. The Supernatural Cop suffers no juncture penalties (if any) in his home juncture for being a supernatural creature.
Quick Schtick Pick:
(69) staff, sword
(1850) sword, black powder pistol
(contemporary) Colt Detective Special, Remington 870
(2056) Buro Beat Patroller, Buro Crimestopper
Gun Schticks:
Both Guns Blazing
Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs
Creature Schticks:
Inevitable Comeback
Wealth Level:
working stiff

Like all supernatural creatures, the Medicine skill is useless for healing you unless the practitioner was trained in the 69 juncture.

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