Path of the Sumo Champion

By Evan James.

This was a tricky one to begin since I didn't know whether to make a Fu Path or create a Sumo Wrestler character archetype. Eventually I decided on what the below has to offer, but I don't think an archetype is out of the question. For those who doesn't know, the object of a Sumo match is to either knock the opponent out of the ring or off their feet. Sumo wrestlers are huge, but are also incredibly fast, agile, and powerful. Despite the fact that all the Fu powers are based on what you might see in a Sumo match, the character using them doesn't necessarily has to look like a Sumo wrestler, but it certainly helps!

Palm Strike

Chi Cost: 1
Shot Cost: 3

Slap your opponent bare-handed with Martial Arts; opponent suffers normal damage and gains -1 AV to the next action they make if it's during the same sequence. Multiple Palm Strikes are cumulative.

Prerequisite: none
Path: Shikiri Stance

Shikiri Stance

Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: X

A ritual consisting of clapping, stomping on the ground, and staring at the opponent to psyche yourself up for the first blow. Remain inactive for X number of shots. As your first action in the sequence, launch a mighty Martial Arts attack at your opponent. Add double the number of shots you were inactive to your Action Value for the attack.

Prerequisite: Palm Strike
Path: Ring Toss

Ring Toss

Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: 3

Attack an opponent bare-handed with Martial Arts. If successful, you grapple your opponent and hurl them away. Opponent suffers damage equal to your Strength + Outcome and must spend a number of shots equal to your Outcome recovering and getting back to their feet. They may only passively Dodge during this time.

Prerequisite: Shikiri Stance
Path: Speed of Lightning

Speed of Lightning

Chi Cost: 5
Shot Cost: 0

Immediately after Initiative is rolled, make a Martial Arts check using the highest Initiative rolled for the sequence as the Difficulty. If successful, add the Outcome times 2 to your Initiative. May not be used is the highest Initiative rolled is your own.

Prerequisite: Ring Toss
Path: Hundred-Hand Slap

Hundred-Hand Slap

Chi Cost: 5
Shot Cost: 4

Attack your opponent with a flurry of open palm strikes; opponent suffers twice the normal damage from your attack.

Prerequisite: Speed of Lightning

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