By Mike "Katsuo" Hall.

"OK, Tsang, here's the deal: I delivered ten cases of Stingers to your friggin' doorstep, but you have yet to see fit to pay me for them. I have a problem with this. See, my associates were counting on those funds; they've got a futuristic regime to topple. So are you gonna pay up or should I just blow up your friggin' house right friggin' now?"

The world today has a lot of problems. Drugs, terrorism, mob activity, political strife...the whole blasted mess is going straight to hell, and fast. So what's an honest businessman to do? How should you know? You aren't an honest businessman! You are a trader in those things that the law frowns upon, like weapons, or gems, or stolen antiquities. You've been dabbling in some electronics and software, too. If it can be stolen or purchased and then fenced or sold to somebody (who isn't supposed to get that sort of thing), you've dealt in it. You are most definitely a criminal, but you don't consider yourself a villain. You aren't a cold-blooded killer, after all; you're just trying to make a buck in an ugly world where ugly business means lovely profits. So people get killed by the guns you sell, big didn't make the buyer do it. He had already decided to cross that line, and just happened to pay you for a service along the way. Like you've always said, every man chooses his own path, and it ain't your responsibility to monitor the morality of someone else's path. C'mon, you've got a certain standard of living that you're used to!

Sometimes, though, you feel a little twinge inside...and you're getting a little concerned that it might be a conscience. Maybe it's time that you thought a little more about just what kind of cause you let your resources help out. Perhaps your dramatic hook has you rethinking the ethics of your current business practices. Those "Jammers" you ran into the other day have got a serious fight on their hands, if you can believe their whacked-out stories. And then there's those Dragons...this Secret War thing stands to make you a lot of money. But maybe, just maybe, you could forego a portion of your usual profits this time and make sure that the right side gets the guns...

Oh, dammit! You're becoming a good guy!

Bod 5, Chi 0 (For 1), Mnd 6, Ref 5

Add 2 points to one primary attribute. Add 1 point to another primary attribute. Add 2 points to one secondary attribute. Add 1 point to another secondary attributes.

Deceit + 6 (12)
Fix-It + 3 (9) (Max 12)
Guns + 8 (=13)
Info/Crime Networks + 6 (12)
Info/Paramilitary Groups + 6 (12)
Martial Arts + 4 (9) (Max 12)

Add 5 Skill Bonuses.

2 Gun schticks
Unique Schtick: Callin' in a Favor.
"And just where would ol' El Presidente be now if it hadn't been for my guns, Manuel? You owe me, buddy..."  Once per session, you can spend a Fortune point (in lieu of a Charisma check) to elicit a favor from an old business contact you've looked up, but you as the player must dream up a little anecdote that illustrates just why this person owes you. This is one of those rare circumstances in which you can make a GMC take risks he normally wouldn't, even if it put his own skin in jeopardy...this is one serious debt! Be careful, though; just because it looks like the acquanintance is happy to be paying you back, he'll still be looking out for #1 the next time. And he might not be too happy with what you put him through...
4 weapons of the appropriate juncture.
Quick Schtick Pick:
(69) dagger, bow, sword, throwing stars
(1850) dagger, sword, black powder pistol, black powder rifle
(contemporary) dagger, Franchi SPAS-12, Kahr K9, Desert Eagle .357
(2056) dagger, Buro Blade of Truth, Buro Avenger, Buro Crimestopper
Gun Schticks:
Carnival of Carnage, Fast Draw, Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs, Lightning Reload
Wealth Level:

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