By Colin Chapman.

Introductory Note: This schtick does not provide extra spells. It provides a useful, and utterly loyal minion, and may only be purchased by those Sorcerors who already have the Summoning schtick. It costs the standard (16 + x) experience points.


You have in your service, a minor supernatural creature, with which you have a powerful bond of mastery and loyalty. This familiar/servitor is always on hand, utterly loyal, and doesn't need to be summoned or commanded. Neither can a rival sorceror do so to your familiar/servitor.

The familiar/servitor is essentially a small (typically 1' in length/height) demon/monster. It can look like anything you desire, but must look "unnatural." Examples include small dragons, bat-winged imps, twisted dwarves, butterfly-winged sprites, small flesh puppets, winged cats, etc.

The familiar/servitor counts as a Named character, with several notable restrictions:

The Familiar/Servitor can communicate verbally, or telepathically (with the Sorceror only) at a range equal to the combined Magic of the Sorceror and Familiar/Servitor x 50 meters. If the Familiar/Servitor is killed the Sorceror suffers a Backlash equal to the Familiar/Servitor's Magic x 2. You do not automatically receive a new Familiar/Servitor, and must buy the schtick again to receive a new one.

Create your Familiar/Servitor using the following archetype:


"Yessss master..."


Note: they suffer from the same Juncture modifiers as other Supernatural Creatures (see Rulebook, pages 121-122).

Bod 1, Chi 0 (Mag 4), Mnd 3, Ref 3

Divide 5 points among the Primary attributes. Divide 4 points among the Secondary attributes. The maximum for all attributes (including Secondary) is 8.

Creature Powers + 2 (6) [Max 10]
Info/[your choice] +3 (6)

Add 3 Skill Bonuses.

2 Creature Schticks (see following notes).

Unique Schtick: Due to their small size they add +2 to their Dodge Values.

Limitations: They can't be healed by doctors (characters using the Medicine skill), except by those trained in 69 AD.

Familiars/Servitors and Creature Schticks

The Sorceror may purchase extra Creature Schticks for his familiar with his own Experience Points. Familiars/Servitors don't earn any themselves. The starting schticks, and any purchased later, can only be selected from the following list, and with the following modifications. These schticks are generally less effective than normal because Familiars/Servitors are very minor supernatural creatures. On the plus side, they only cost (4 + x) Experience Points per schtick/level. Creature Schticks marked with '*' cost the Familiar/Servitor both starting Creature Schticks, or cost the full, standard (8 + x) experience points if purchased later.

Creature Schtick List

Abysmal Spines
Each schtick only adds 1 Damage, and only 4 levels of this schtick may be purchased.
Each schtick only provides 1 point of Armor, and only 4 levels of this schtick may be purchased.
Blast *
Only 1 Effect may be purchased.
Damage Immunity *
Death Resistance *
Foul Spew
Only 1 Effect may be purchased. Range is only half the Creature Power Action Value.
Glutinous Goo
The Difficulty of the Str check is only half of the Creature Power Action Value.
Nauseating Chunks
Only causes disabling nausea within 1 meter. The Difficulty of the Con check is only half of the Creature Power Action Value.
Slippery Slime
The Difficulty of the Agi check is only equal to half the Creature Power Action Value.
The Difficulty is 2 for each inch of thickness of matter.
Poison *
Rancid Breath
It only has a base Damage rating of 5.
Regeneration *
They can only stretch a maximum distance equal to half the Creature Power Action Value in meters.
May only be purchased once. No hybrid form is possible.

Sample Familiars/Servitors

"Shou Lung" the Pocket Dragon

Bod 2, Chi 0 (Mag 8), Mnd 5, Ref 5
Creature Powers (10)
Info/Ancient China (9)
Medicine (10)
Blast (Fire. 10 Damage).
Dodge Value:
12 (includes the Unique Schtick bonus).

Shou Lung appears as a 1' long, wingless dragon, with emerald green scales, and sapphire blue eyes. He's usually hidden in his master's satchel, which features nice silk padding, air vents, and a small spy hole. Fond of cigars, he always smokes one while relaxing, puffing little smoke rings. He's grumpy and irritable, especially when called upon to help patch up the wounded "idiots" who gallivant around, getting shot, and making his life difficult. When severely threatened or annoyed he blasts the offender with a gout of flame. He also finds it useful for lighting his cigars.

"Wretch-Vomit" the Twisted Dwarf

Bod 6 (Str 8, Tgh 8), Chi 0 (Mag 4), Mnd 3, Ref 3
Creature Powers (8)
Info/Torture (7)
Foul Spew (Nauseating Chunks. Range/Difficulty is only half the Creature Power Action Value. Affects all within 1 meter of it).
Abysmal Spines (Claws. 9 Damage).
Dodge Value:
10 (includes the Unique Schtick bonus).

Wretch-Vomit is a mere 1' tall, but is equally as broad, and rippling with sinewy muscle. His skin is blotchy, putrid yellow, with pulsing green-black veins. His features are wrinkled and evil, his hair is greasy red, and his eyes are pure black. His gnarled hands are tipped with tiny black claws. He wears a custom-made tiny suit. He acts as a bodyguard, labourer, and torturer for his master, enjoying his prolonged 'information extraction' duties immensely. He's utterly sick and sadistic. The only things he believes in are his master, and inflicting misery.

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