Ring Fighter

By Trip.

"I've been beating people unconscious for fifteen years. One more ain't gonna trouble my sleep. You still wanna make trouble?"

You used to be a professional fighter, testing your strength and your skill at kickboxing or kung fu in the ring against all comers. You were good, very good. Maybe in between bouts you even picked up a bit extra as a strong arm for the local Triads, doing jobs their second-rate muscle just couldn't handle. But you could only break so many faces before you had to wonder just what you were doing it for. If you wanted money, you could join up with the Triads for good; if you wanted honest money, you could retire to become a trainer or set up a gym or something. But that's not what you want. You want to do something right for once in your life, and the Secret War is just the arena to do it in.

Juncture: any

Attributes: Bod 6, Chi 0 (Fu 4), Mnd 5, Ref 5

Add a total of 5 points to your primary attributes and 2 to your secondary attributes. The maximum for primary attributes is 10 and for secondary attributes, 11.

Info/Professional Fighting +6 (11)
Intimidation +5 (10)
Martial Arts +9 (=14)
Medicine +2 (7)

Add one additional skill at +2. Add a total of 6 skill bonuses to these skills and/or to additional skills of your choice

Schticks: 1 fu schtick

Unique Schtick: Your years of experience at single combat in the ring have taught you to focus all your will and skill on a single opponent. Drawing on this experience you may, at the beginning of any sequence (before Initiative is rolled), designate one person as your primary opponent. For the duration of the sequence, you receive a +2 to your Martial Arts AV against that opponent, but -2 against everyone else. This adjustment does affect your Dodge rating.

Quick Schtick Pick:
additional skill
Driving +2
fu schtick:
Claw of the Tiger

Wealth Level: working stiff

Note: This is an updated version of the Ring Fighter, produced using the Archetype Tweaking rules also found on this site. I think the results are better than what I came up with by eye; the old version was a bit underpowered and not distinct enough from the Martial Artist.

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