Reformed Gangster

By Trip.

Yah, I know these guys. The Glorious Heaven Society. They're almost as bad as I used to be. Almost.

You used to be a member of an organized criminal group: in 69 AD, you might have been a bandit or a pirate; in 1850, a pirate or an opium smuggler; in contemporary times, a member of the Triads or the Mafia; and in 2056 you would have been part of the protection rackets and vice rings the Buro lets flourish to bleed off rebellious tendecies. Or you might have thought you had a good reason, rebelling against an unjust Emperor, against the foreign devils, against Communist or Western imperialism, or against the Buro. Whatever your motivation, though, you were outcast from polite society, and liked it that way. Your second loyalty was to money, or to the Cause, but your first loyalty was to your brothers. You did whatever it took to preserve their face and your own, no matter how ruthless. After all, the people you robbed, bullied, and killed weren't part of the gang: you didn't owe them a thing.

But that's all in your past now. Whether you met someone who showed you a more honorable path, or came on your own to a dissatisfaction with the gang's goals or methods, or found out first-hand just how little of your loyalty your brothers returned, you've abandoned your old life for a cause you can be proud of and comrades you can trust.

Bod 5, Chi 0, Mnd 5, Ref 5

Add 3 to any primary attribute and 2 to any other. Add 1 to any secondary attribute.

Guns +3 (8) [Max 10]
Info/Organized Crime +5 (10)
Intimidation +5 (10)
Martial Arts +6 (11) [Max 14]

Add one of Deceit, Detective, Driving, Intrusion, Gambling, Leadership, Sabotage, or Seduction at +5 and a different one at +3. Add 3 skill bonuses. Swap the skill bonuses, action values, and maximum action values of Guns and Martial Arts if desired.

2 fu schticks, or
2 gun shticks, or
1 fu schtick and one gun schtick
3 weapons of appropriate juncture
Quick Schtick Pick:
(69, 1850) The Fox's Retreat, Drunken Stance
(contemporary, 2056) Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs, Fast Draw
(69) club, sword, throwing knife
(1850) club, 2 black powder pistols
(Contemporary) blackjack, Ruger K89, Ruger MP9
(2056) blackjack, Buro 9, Buro Crimestart- er, Crimestopper
Wealth Level:

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