Transformed Panda

By Phillippe Tromeur.

Attribute Modifiers

Body +2, Fortune +4, Charisma +4



Chi Cost: 1
Shot Cost: 3

Same as the Bear schtick.

Bring Luck

Chi Cost: 2X
Shot Cost: 1

Spend 2X Chi points to transfer x Fortune points to a fellow less than x meters away.

Chi Stabilization

Chi Cost: 2X
Shot Cost: 0

The Panda character must be inside a Feng Shui site to which it is attuned to use this schtick. The Sorcery and Supernatural Creature (including Abominations) modifier is -X (cumulative with other modifiers) for the sequence during which the character spends the 2x Chi points. This effect affects any and all characters within the boundaries of the Feng Shui site and any effect targeted at the site or anyone/anything inside said boundary.

Repel Evil

Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: 3

Same as the Banishment and Exorcism effects of the Summoning schtick.

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