Transformed Octopus

By Evan James.

Attribute Modifiers

Body -1, Move +2, Mind +2, Reflexes +2



Chi Cost: 8
Shot Cost: 1

You can make yourself invisible by hiding even behind the most inadequate of cover. As long as you dont move, this automatically works. Anyone attempting to locate you must make a Perception check with the Difficulty equal to your Martial Arts Action Value. By spending extra schticks in this ability, you can increase the Difficulty by +1 per schtick. May not be used if someone is looking directly at you.


Chi Cost: X
Shot Cost: 3

By expelling a black liquid substance, you can blind or confuse your enemies. Make a normal Martial Arts task check; opponent suffers X Impairment for a number of sequences equal to your Outcome. This Impairment cant be increased by further attacks if the opponent is already affected. The substance also has other uses, such as marking a specific object or location, and will leave a dark stain on whatever it touches unless its washed away somehow.


Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: 8

You can contort your body in order to squeeze through holes as small as 12 cm in diameter. Spend another schtick to make the limit 6 cm in diameter. You cant increase this ability beyond 6 cm.


Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: 3 + X

You have amazing multi-limb coordination. You can maintain a continuous action without adding to the shot costs of other actions you take. Also, when you make a bare-handed Martial Arts attack, you can attack any number of characters in a single shot (maximum equal to the number of schticks bought in this ability) without suffering the normal penalty for attacking multiple characters. Instead, add the number of characters you attack to the shot cost of the action.

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