Transformed Mantis

By Evan James.

Attribute Modifiers

Body -1, Perception +3, Reflexes +2



Chi Cost: 8
Shot Cost: 1

You can make yourself invisible by hiding even behind the most inadequate of cover. As long as you dont move, this automatically works. Anyone attempting to locate you must make a Perception check with the Difficulty equal to your Martial Arts Action Value. By spending extra schticks in this ability, you can increase the Difficulty by +1 per schtick. May not be used if someone is looking directly at you.


Chi Cost: 1
Shot Cost: 3

On a successful Martial Arts task check, you may place your opponent in a hold that renders him immobile. Every 3 shots, the immobilized opponent may make a Strength task check with your Martial Arts Action Value as the Difficulty; if he succeeds, he breaks free of your hold. If you do anything other then passively Dodge, he also breaks free of the hold. By spending an extra schtick in this ability, you may absorb the immobilized opponents Chi. Every time the opponent makes the Strength check, you temporarily gain 1 point of his Chi. By spending two extra schticks, you gain 2 Chi. By spending three extra schticks, you gain 3 Chi. No more then three extra schticks may be bought in this ability. At the end of the current sequence, both your Chi total and your opponents return to normal.


Chi Cost: 5
Shot Cost: 0

If you are attacked, you may substitute your Perception rating instead of your Strength rating when making a Strength task check, or determining Damage dealt in a Martial Arts attack. Lasts until the end of the sequence.


Chi Cost: X
Shot Cost: 3

By purchasing X schticks in this ability (maximum of six), your Damage rating for a bare-handed Martial Arts attack gets an X times 2 bonus.

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