Karate Wizard

By Geoffrey C. Grabowski.

This character type is specifically modelled after the character Herai from the OVA anime Doomed Megalopolis, a really nice character who unfortunatly gets offed part way through the first installment when the demon lord Kato turns out to be a little tougher than he expected. I tried to keep him smilar to the film archtype while balancing out the fairly powerful combo of powers by cutting his AVs down a bit and keeping him away from Primary Attribute boosts. Anyway, I'm interested in opinions.

"So, the Dim Mak was not enough to discourage you, demon? Then taste the Breath of the Waking Storm!" ZORTCH

You are the early version of the Monster Hunter and Magic Cop. You have spent your life training in the martial and mystic arts, and are one of the best, a respected professional at your job. Governments request your assistance when horrible things threaten large population centers, or when hopping vampires become so bold as to harass caravans moving over important roads.

You are probabally not as strict a disciplinarian as the Old Master (q.v.) but you are at least as self-assured from a lifetime spent as a hero of the common people and a much-respected technician. You may not be a tough as you used to be, but you've seen it all. You probabaly use the word 'unnatural' a great deal.

You may have entered the Secret War for any number of reasons. Perhaps your melodramatic hook has been endangered, killed, or kidnapped by one of the factions, or perhaps you have come to known something about the factions and find their unnatural natures and fiendish schemes to be contrary to the ethics of your profession, or perhaps you feel a sense of responsibility. Whatever the case, though it may be the death of you, you're here to set things right.

69, 1850
Bod 4 [Max 6], Chi =6 (For =0), Mnd 5, Ref 5 [Max 7]

Divide 4 points among your secondary attributes.

Info/Magical World +6 (11)
Info/Supernatural Creatures +5 (10)
Martial Arts +7 (11) [Max 13]
Sorcery +5 (11) [Max 13]

Add 3 skill bonuses.

Two Fu Schticks, two Sorcery Schticks.
Two weapons of appropriate juncture.
Quick Schtick Picks:
Hands Without Shadow
Dim Mak
Blast (Chi, Fire, Lightning)
Wealth Level:
Working Stiff

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