Transformed Kangaroo

By David Eber.

Between Tank Girl and Warriors of Virtue, I'm suprised no one else came up with this first (at least I don't think anyone else has).

Attribute Modifiers

Body +2, Move +3, Ref +2



Chi Cost: 2
Shot Cost: 1

This is the same as the Spider schtick.

Leaping Strike

Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: 3

Attack an opponent from a distance, striking him with both feet simultaneously. If successful, add your Move rating to the damage dealt. You must have the Leap schtick before you can take this schtick.

Double Kick

Chi Cost: 6
Shot Cost: 3

Jump in the air and kick an opponent at close range with both feet simultaneously. If successful, you inflict your Str +2X damage, where x equals the outcome of your attack.

Rapid Kicking

Chi Cost: 2X
Shot Cost: 3

Attack a single Named opponent with a flurry of quick kicks. You may make X kick attacks against your opponent within the same martial arts attack, but opponents who wish to actively parry or dodge must do so against each kick separately. You may only passively dodge while using this schtick; if you actively dodge, you lose your remaining attacks as well as the expended Chi.

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