By David Eber.

"Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty, uh, nevermind."

You are a member of the ape species who has been transformed through high-technology into an intelligent engine of destruction. Your life before this is little more than a series of vauge memories and images, much like the memories humans have of early childhood. Now, you have been granted intelligence equal to mankind and a purpose. Battlechimp Potemkin explained it to you: you exist to oppose and eventually overcome tyranny in all of its forms. This is, of course, a vast undertaking, but the Battlechimp has shown you where to direct your efforts. Your primary goal is to destroy the world's Feng Shui sites, thereby eliminating all Chi energy. Only when this is done will people and apes alike be able to shape their own destinies. Your primary enemies are the Architects of the Flesh, evil mad scientists from the future who embody the very worst in tyranny, and who are, in fact, indirectly the reason you came into being. To fight this war, you have been given an arsenal of high-tech weaponary. Sure, it doesn't always work reliably, but you realize you have to make do with what you can. So long as you can remain functional, you are happy to continue the struggle against the Architects, and against all the others in the secret war that would bring you down.

Chimpanzee: Bod =4, Chi 0, Mnd 8, Ref 9 (Dex =4); height 4 feet, weight 196 lbs.
Orangutan: Bod =6, Chi 0, Mnd 7, Ref 8 (Dex =4); height 5 feet, weight 220 lbs.
Gorilla: Bod =12, Chi 0, Mnd 5, Ref 7 (Dex =3); height 5 1/2 feet, weight 397 lbs.

Add 1 point to one primary attribute, and 1 point to one secondary attribute. The maximum for all primary and secondary attributes is 10, except where otherwise noted.

Guns 10 (Max 13)
Intimidation (gorillas only) 12 (Max 15)
Jammertech =13
Martial Arts 10 (Max 13)

Add 4 skill bonuses.

5 Jammertech schticks
Only those built into cybernetic attachments
Quick Schtick Pick:
Cyborg Conversion, 2 x Robot Arm, Jet Pack
Wealth Level:

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