Transformed Hawk

By Matt Holman.

The Transformed hawks are a part of the large ring of assassins that the Ascended control. In addition they serve a higher purpose: the Internal Affairs of the Pledged (with their Hunter's Eyes schtick, they are incredibly well-suited for sniffing out spies in the ranks). Hawks tend to be very aloof and territorial; however, at the same time they can be extremely regal.

Attribute Modifiers

Move +3, Per +4, Ref +2, Speed +3



This is exactly the same as the Rooster schtick of the same name.

Hunter's Eyes

Chi Cost: 5
Shot Cost: 7

Upon meeting a Named character, the Hawk may make a Perception check at +1 with the target's Will or Deceit score as the Difficulty (whichever is higher). On a successful roll, the Hawk may gain one of the following bits of knowledge about the target: Highest Skill, Lowest Skill, Highest Attribute, Lower Attribute. If the Hawk spends an additional schtick on this ability, he or she can make an additional roll at +2 difficulty. On a successful second roll, the Hawk may spend a Fortune point and learn one of the following: Target's Archetype, Target's Faction (if any).

It is assumed that the first time they meet, the Hawk picks up on something (the way he eats his rice, the odd styling of hair, something subtle like that. High, squeaky voices are usually a dead giveaway...) which prompts her to do a smidgen of research during downtime. The second roll may be made only on the second (or later) meeting(s), and only if the first roll succeeded. Note: If the character wishes to know the target's faction and fails the roll, the GM should not tell if it was a failed roll. Let the PC try and guess whether the target is allied or not.

No more than two schticks may be spent on this ability.


Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: 3

On a successful martial arts roll, the Hawk emits a piercing screech that causes one target to stand with his hands over his ears, trying to clear his mind for X shots, where X is the Outcome of the attack. Additional schticks spent on this ability enable the Hawk to selct one additional target per schtick spent.

Talon Tear

Chi Cost: X+1
Shot Cost: 3

The Hawk makes a martial arts attack. On a successful roll, he adds X to the Outcome of the attack, where X is any amount of Chi the hawk elects to spend. If the hawk is using the Flight schtick when the attack is made as well, he gains an additional +3 to the attack.

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