By Mike "Katsuo" Hall.

"I can't let you take me in; not until I've got the evidence I need. When that time comes, I'll answer for running...but not one minute before."

Falsely accused of a major crime, you are on the run while attempting to prove your innocence. You have few if any friends: just the tiny handful of people who believe your wild story about being framed or set-up (or whatever...this character type needs a really well-written dramatic hook). The law dogs your every step, as do the people who set you up in the first place.

A non-violent person by nature, you have noetheless been forced to learn how to fight...a tragedy you fully intend to make somebody pay dearly for.

When you are actually able to sleep, you dream of the life you once had, and imagine that you have awakened from a terrible nightmare to return to your formerly idyllic existence; but then you wake up for real, and, with tears in your eyes and a grim set to your jaw, you start running once again...

Bod 5 (Mov 6), Chi 0 (For 2), Mnd 6, Ref 5

Add 1 point each to two primary attributes, and add 1 point to one secondary.

Deceit +4 (10)
Detective +4 (10) (Max 13)
Fix-It +4 (10)
Guns +2 (7) (Max 12)
Info/your choice +5 (11)
Info/your choice +3 (9)
Martial Arts +5 (10) (Max 13)

Add 5 Skill Bonuses. If desired, you may replace your Info skills with one career-type skill (i.e., Medicine, Journalism, etc.) with an additional +1 bonus if you do so (for a total bonus of +9).

Unique Schtick: Master of the Daring Escape
Your years on the run have turned you into a true master of the cunning escape. When focused on the act of getting away from pursuers, you gain a + 2 on your passive and active dodges, and you receive a +2 AV bonus on any non-combat stunts you attempt during the escape as well.
One small, concealable weapon of the appropriate juncture.
Quick Schtick Pick:
(69) dagger
(1850) dagger or derringer
(contemporary) dagger or Walther PPK
(2056) dagger or Buro 9
Wealth Level:

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