By David Eber.

These spells are used by sorcerers who serve Li Ting, King of the Fire Pagoda. Needless to say, all of them involve manipulating fire in some way.

Protection from Fire

This spell protects the sorcerer as if he had the Creature Schtick Damage Immunity (Fire). This effect lasts a number of minutes equal to the Outcome of the spell. If the fire is magical in nature, the caster must make a sorcery task check with their opponent's Sorcery skill level as the Difficulty for this spell to work.

Brain Fire

This spell is cast as a defensive action (it takes only one shot to cast) when the sorcerer is targeted by another sorcerer's spell. The targeted sorcerer must spend one Magic point and make a Sorcery task check with their opponent's action result (for the spell they are targeting him with) as the difficulty. If successful, the spell is retargeted to a new character of the sorcerer's choice. This spell cannot be used if there are no other legitimate targets, and the original spellcaster cannot be targeted by his or her own spell. This spell has no effect on spells that do not target a single individual.

Mark of Fire

The sorcerer shoots a series of jets or balls of fire at a group of unnamed opponents, targeting each one in succession. The sorcerer attacks the first character with this spell, making a Sorcery task check as normal. If the Outcome is enough to take the character out of the fight, the sorceror may attack another unnamed character in the following shot. This process may be repeated as long as each mook is taken out. The sorcerer may target a maximum of four unnamed characters with this spell. No character may be targeted more than once within a single use of this spell.


This spell causes flammable, non-living substances such as cloth, paper, hair and wood to burst into flame (walking corpses and the like may not be targeted by this spell). The range of this spell is equal to the caster's Sorcery rating in meters, and the area of effect is equal to his or her Magic rating in square meters. A character whose hair or clothing is ignited must take 3 shots to slap out the fire or suffer 1 wound point every 3 shots until something is done about the fire.


The sorcerer drives his subject into a frenzy of fearless bloodlust, turning them into an unthinking killing machine. It can also be severly damaging to the subject, which is why it is usually only cast on willing Fire Martyrs before a battle. The sorcerer makes a Sorcery task check with the Willpower or Sorcery of the target as the Difficulty. If the subject is willing, the sorcerer gains +2 to his sorcery Action value.

If successful, the character gains a +2 bonus to his Reflexes and Body and is immune to impairement caused by damage for the remainder of the fight. However, the subject's mind score drops to 2, and after the battle the character must make a Constitution check with the number of sequences spent under the influence of the spell as the difficulty. Failure means that the character loses one point of Body permanently due to the strain on his system. This spell takes 5 shots to cast.

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