By Bryant Durrell.

"Sure, I have an obligation to my fans -- but I have an equal obligation to their children. And if we let that thing live, they aren't going to have any."

You are the classical Chinese entertainer; a multi-talented mix of actor, acrobat, singer, and dancer. You have been trained nearly since birth in the ways of the theater, and whether or not it was your first choice of jobs, you became very good at what you do. You may also be a more modern version of the same -- a rock star, a movie actor, or a pop star. No matter which, however, you've had a successful career keeping the masses entertained. Your fans adore you, and your critics are undoubtedly just jealous. You know you're the best because people keep telling you so.

Lately, however, you've begun to wonder if there isn't something more to life than endless adulation and the grind of daily performances. Maybe one of your more outre fans sent you a letter that told you things you didn't want to know about the world. Maybe one of your few friends was caught up in a dark conspiracy. Regardless, you've had to admit that the world is not a clean and simple place laid out for your enjoyment -- and you've had to decide what to do about it.

Juncture: any

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 3 (Fu =5), Mnd 5 (Chr 6), Ref 5

Divide 4 points among your primary attributes. Add 1 to any one secondary attribute.

Deceit +3 (9) [Max 12]
Entertainment +9 (=15)
Martial Arts +5 (10) [Max 13]
Medicine +3 (8)
Seduction +7 (13) [Max 15]

Add a total of +6 in Skill Bonuses to these skills and/or additional skills of your choice. You may trade Guns +6 [Max 14] for Martial Arts if you desire, although this diverges from the traditional entertainer considerably.

2 Fu schticks;
or, if you have taken Guns instead of Martial Arts, 1 Gun schtick.

Weapons: 1 weapon of appropriate juncture.

Unique Schtick:
Your performances are of such quality and grace as to be distracting to onlookers. Unnamed characters will pay attention to you exclusive of almost anything else for the duration of your performance; although loud explosions, gunfire, and unusual noises or obvious actions will distract them, this schtick is ideal for keeping guards busy while your comrades sneak around. If you attempt to distract named characters, make an Entertainment roll against their Perception. The Outcome is subtracted from any Perception rolls they make while you perform.
Quick Schtick Pick:
fu schticks
Prodigious Leap
Abundant Leap

Wealth Level: rich

The Medicine skill is predicated on the belief that anyone who dances professionally will learn how to tie an Ace bandage, and the relatively high Chi is based on the traditional ties actors and actresses have to all sorts of weird things. GMs may wish to modify this.


Base Attribute: Charisma

Physical Ability:
You can act, dance, sing, and if you are so inclined, even mime. You are an expert at the various forms of physical entertainment. You have some skill at applying makeup and disguise, although you are not as good at pretending to be a specific person as someone with the Deceit skill. You may also, if you like, be able to play musical instruments.
You know the history of your craft, the best places to perform, and which agents can get you the best deals. You also know where the bad audiences are, where to look for the good ones, and how to recognize them when you find them.
You know other performers, agents, and groupies. You can also find a fan in most locales, although a rock star in Hong Kong will have an easier time of this than will a rock star in Mongolia circa 69 AD. Some fans will be willing to serve your every whim, and some will be very upset when you don't turn out to be their best buddy.

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