Eastern Monk

By Colin Chapman.

"I do not wish to hurt you, but you leave me no choice. [CRACK! THWACK!] My humblest apologies. I appear to have broken your arm. Here, allow me to heal you..."

You are a devout member of an eastern monastic order, dedicated to a single religious and philosophical doctrine such as Taoism or Buddhism. You have honed your spirit and mind since early childhood to utilise your spiritual powers. You understand responsibility, possessing a strong sense of spiritual morality, disdaining negative arts and embracing those that bring healing, health and foresight. You realise that evil and restless spirits can pose a threat to the health, sanity and welfare of your fellow man, and although you may learn to purify, banish or exorcise such supernatural influences you would never summon or use their services. Training of body and mind are harmonious to you and you have taken to your monastery's chosen path of martial prowess, utilising it as a means of conditioning, discipline and meditation. Nevertheless the ability to end a threat without resorting to murder can be useful...

The outside world remains a place of mystery and concern to you, having grown up in largely isolated seclusion. Perhaps you left the monastery to embark on a voyage of self discovery at the behest of a trusted mentor. You may be a travelling healer and exorcist fighting the ills of the common man, espousing your philosophy of life. The Secret war poses a threat to history and spirituality, and the Ascended and Architects may be prime enemies. Likewise, the Lotus with their twisted sorcerous arts are strong potential foes. Maybe you feel a sympathy towards the Guiding Hand, or do you feel they are too extreme? Perhaps you join the Secret War to counter these threats or pursue your own melodramatic hook.

Bod 5, Chi=8 (For 0), Mnd 5, Ref 5

Divide 4 points among your primary attributes adding no more than 3 points to any single attribute. Add 1 point to any single secondary attribute.

Info/Eastern Religion (specific) +10 (=15)
Info/[your choice] +4 (9)
Martial Arts +8 (=13)
Sorcery +4 (=12)

Add 4 skill bonuses. They must be suitable for an isolated and esoteric order. You may switch Martial Arts and Sorcery.

2 Sorcery schticks plus 1 Fu schtick, or
1 Sorcery schtick plus 2 Fu schticks

Note: The monks refer to their magical arts as "mysticism," and regard sorcery as a possibly corrupting art. Mysticism is no different than Sorcery in game terms, but monks that remain true to their archetype and beliefs are strongly limited in the sorcerous schticks they may choose or learn. Only the following are available:

Unique Schticks:
  1. Supernatural creatures and transformed animals fear these religious agents. Add a +5 to any Intimidation attempts against them.
  2. The Eastern Monk suffers no juncture penalties for using magic in their home juncture.
Quick Schtick Picks:
Crane Stance
Wing of the Crane
Wealth: Poor

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