Transformed Eagle

By Colin Chapman.

Attribute Modifiers

Move + 3, Charisma + 3, Perception + 3, Reflexes + 1



Chi Cost: 8
Shot Cost: 3

You can become airborne, and remain airborne until the end of the sequence. You may reach a maximum vertical height equal to your Move rating, and travel horizontally up to twice your Move rating.each extra schtick adds a Move rating to vertical flight and two Move ratings to horizontal distance.

(This schtick is identical to Flight from the Rooster package.)

Penetrating Gaze

Chi Cost: 4
Shot Cost: 1

Gaze fiercely and unblinking at your opponent. After you've done this, you gain a bonus to your Martial Arts action value, provided that your Charisma is higher than that of your opponent. The bonus equals the difference between the two Charisma ratings. The bonus lasts until the end of the sequence. If you spend extra schticks on this ability, you can target an additional opponent per extra schtick.

(Penetrating Gaze is a restyled version of the Display schtick.)


Chi Cost: 2
Shot Cost: 3

Screaming like an eagle, arms swept back, you land feet first on your opponent. This schtick must be performed from flight, a leap, or jumping from above. The opponent is then subjected to two simultaneous kick attacks at no penalty.


Chi Cost: 1
Shot Cost: 3

Striking your opponent unarmed; damage value for the strike is your Strength +3.

(Talons is a restyled version of the Claw of the Tiger schtick.)

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