By Garry Handelman.

Is a funny way of saying teleportation.

If a character attempts to teleport into a solid object, or to teleport and cannot see (or whatever else is required) his destination, he/she does not teleport and suffers 10 points of damage not preventable by toughness. This is also the effect of a teleportation backlash unless otherwise noted.

Line of Sight Teleport

When you "run" (not walk!), you may teleport instead, in which case you use your sorcery in place of your movement to determine how far you move. That is to say, you can teleport your sorcery x 2 in meters, and if you teleport you cannot do anything else for 3 shots. If you choose to teleport, you must be able to see your final destination, but you may ignore any intervening pits, transparent barriers, people etc. Note that cameras count as seeing as long as the information from the camera is accurate and the final destination is not too far away. The difficulty of this check is 5, plus any penalties for cover (see fights) covering the subject, consider all cover permeable. If you are suffering impairment, any penalties from impairment are doubled.

Example: You are trying to teleport behind a couch. The difficulty is five, plus the couch 90% covers the area behind it. That raises the difficulty to 8. Most PCs don't even need to roll.

Most importantly, it looks real cool because you disappear in a puff of smoke (or a flash of light, whatever you want).

Long Distance Teleport

You can teleport yourself, and only you, long distances. This costs log base 10 of the distance traveled in kilometers magic points. So 100 km costs 2 magic points, 1000km costs 3 magic points, etc. Round up. This is automatically successful, but roll anyway. If you roll a special result (box cars) it is a failure and a backlash automatically. Long distance teleporting is a ten shot action if you try it during combat, and you hang around until all those ten shots expire. The following are sample distances:

Sample              Distance (Magic Points)

New York to Boston      307 km (3)

New York to London      5586 (4)

New York to Hong Kong       12,984 km (5)

Yes, you can teleport to Mars, the Moon, etc., but you probably don't want to. The Architects oF the flesh may be using this spell, in combination with high tech 21st century astronomy, to explore those two possibly oxygen bearing worlds those astronomers think they found 50 light years from earth (that's 4.73x1019 km, or 20 magic points).

Walk Between the Worlds

Send any number of willing (but not necessarily well educated) compatriots to the Netherworld or Underworld, or this world at some juncture of the GM's choosing if you are in one of the above. Where you come out is up to the GM's evil imagination. You may come along if so desired. The difficulty is five times the number of people that are going, it costs 1 magic point per person. Add five to the difficulty if you are not going yourself. On a backlash, everybody to be transported suffers 10 damage not preventable by Toughness.

Fling Between the Worlds

Sends any number of target beings to the Netherworld, willing or otherwise. Difficulty is the sum of the highest action value of each target! This costs X+1 magic points, where X is the number of targets. On a backlash, you go to the Netherworld intead.

Example: If you try this on three mooks, two with their highest Action Value 7 and one with highest Action Value 8, the difficulty is 7 + 7 + 8 = 22.

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