Deep-Cover Cop

By Mike "Katsuo" Hall.

"I don't know who the hell I am anymore...all I know is, you're scum, and I'm taking you down."

You're a cop who is buried so deep undercover that the line between your false identity and your real one is becoming blurred, sometimes even to you. The triads are gaining more power every day, so cops like you are a neccessity: cops willing to throw in with the enemy with the intent of destroying them from within. Your day-to-day world is ugly and deadly, and you may very well not walk out of this alive. If you are discovered, your triad "brothers" will kill you. Your fellow cops don't even know who you are thanks to your masterful charade, and will shoot you just as quickly as they would the real bad guys. You have no family or friends, since that's one of the qualifiers for the job. All you have is the desire to see a better tomorrow in which you can get away from all this darkness.

(This archetype can prove very difficult to work into a normal, existing Feng Shui campaign, but a giftedly creative GM should be able to weave it in there somehow...all the same, consult your GM at length before choosing this character type.)

Perhaps your dramatic hook drove you to accept assignments of this nature: you lost your only loved ones and are now living out some complex death wish; your father/partner/brother/best friend was killed by the gang you have infiltrated...we've all seen the movies, right? Alone as you are, however, you cannot let yourself forget that you're one of the good guys, and no matter what atrocities will come between now and the end of this way, the end has to justify the means...

Bod 5, Chi 0 (For 1), Mnd 5 , Ref 5

Add 4 points to any combination of primary attributes.

Deceit +10 (=15)
Guns +9 (=14)
Info/Gangland Politics +5 (10)
Martial Arts +5 (=10)
Police +5 (10)

Add 5 Skill Bonuses.

3 Gun schticks
2 weapons.
Quick Schtick Pick:
dagger, Colt 1911A
Gun Schticks:
Carnival of Carnage (2), Fast Draw
Wealth Level:
Working Stiff

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