By Dave Van Domelen.

"Wait, I think I read something about this in one of grandfather's scrolls. Where did I put that?"

Some people lust after money or power, but not you. Knowledge is your bag, and the more obscure the better. it started when you found some ancient writings in the attic of your recently-deceased relative, who may have once been a Secret Warrior (although you only just figured that part out a while back). This led you to haunt estate sales and antique stores for other pieces of lost knowledge...you knew now that the arcane Kung Fu powers and even magical spells were real, and could even perform one or two of them yourself. Of course, knowledge like that can attract some nasty customers, and you picked up a few tricks with a gun to stop Things Man Was Not Meant To Have Brunch With intent on preventing you from learning Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

When you learned about the Netherworld and the secret war, things started to fall into place for you. You wound up tagging along with a band of innerwalkers to learn from all the weird places and times they visited...but some of their dedication has started to rub off on you, and you find yourself more and more getting into fights you would have run from a year ago.

Juncture: 1850, contemporary

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 3 (Mag =5 Fu =5), Mnd 6 (Int =8), Ref 5

Add 1 point each to any two Primary attributes, add 3 points divided between your Secondary attributes.

Skills: Driving +2 (7)
Guns +4 (9) [Max 11]
Info (your choice) +4 (12) [Max 13]
Info (Antiques) +2 (10)
Info (Ancient Languages) +1 (9)
Martial Arts +3 (8) [Max 10]
Sorcery +1 (7) [Max 8] (Yes, you have this despite not being from the 69 juncture)

Add one skill not listed above at +1. Add +3 to your skills, distributed as you want, with no more than +2 to any one skill.

Guns and Martial Arts may be swapped if you desire.

Schticks: 1 Gun Schtick, 1 Fu Schtick, 1 Sorcery Schtick, plus one more Schtick of the above three.

Unique Schtick: Weird obscure knowledge. You know things almost no one else does. At the GM's permission, you can spend a Fortune die to pick up a minor clue about the situation at hand, so long as it seems to be related to your skills.

Weapons: 1 weapon appropriate to your juncture, probably an heirloom or antique.

Limitation: Because of your spotty knowledge, you're not fully competent in all areas of your Guns, Martial Arts and Sorcery skills, and probably never will be. As a result, the Difficulty of any Knowledge or Contacts check will always be at least 5 for these skills, regardless of how low it might have otherwise been.

Quick Schtick Picks:
Info Skill:
Chinese History
Both Guns Blazing, Lightning Reload
Hands Without Shadow
(1850) sword (family heirloom)
(contemporary) Colt 1911 (use 1911A stats, figure this is one of the old versions)

Wealth Level: Working Stiff (was Rich, but blew it on research)

Comment: More of a product of 1950's Hollywood B-Movies than Hong Kong, this type has a distressing habit of dying early when he does appear in a HK-style movie. Good for getting the plot rolling, but not the world's best survival rating.

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