Transformed Crow

By Douglas P. Wojtowicz.

Attribute Modifiers

Move +2, Mind +3, Ref +2



Chi Cost: 8
Shot Cost: 3

You become airborne and may remain so until the end of the sequence. You may reach a maximum altitude equal to your Move rating and travel laterally up to your Move x 2. Additional schticks spent in this ability add Move x 1 altitude and Move x 2 lateral for each additional schtick.


Chi Cost: 6
Shot Cost: 3

Make an unarmed martial arts attack, ignoring the effects of the target's Toughness.


Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: 3

You can distract any intelligent being who can understand your words by verbally deriding it. Make a Charisma check with the target's Willpower as the Difficulty; if successful, the target is unable to attack any other character than you until the end of the sequence. Range is equal to your Chi in meters. Additional schticks may be spent on this ability to increase range or to target additional characters.


Chi Cost: X
Shot Cost: 3

Add X to the martial arts check made with any any thrown weapon. Crows are just as adept at dropping things on people as Monkeys are (heh, heh...).

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