By Garry Handelman.

At your option, you may permit Magic Cops to start with Countermagic instead of Fertility, Divination or Healing, but they probably won't want to. On a Countermagic backlash, you lose all your magic points. If you're already out of magic points (i.e. Magic=0), you can ignore countermagic backlashes.


Spend a Magic Point and select an enchanted object (not arcanowave device), or person. Strip them of all magical effects presently on them. Difficulty is the highest appropriate action value (arcanowave device, sorcery etc. etc.) of the individual(s) responsible for the enchantment(s) or other magical effect(s). This does no harm to supernatural creatures, nor does it damage arcanowave devices or their users, but can free them from the effects of said.

Disrupt Magic

Using this ability counts as a 1 shot defensive action. Do it when a bad guy is casting a spell, not necesarily at you. If you can beat his Sorcery Action result with your own, his spell is canceled.

Disrupt Beings

As per the Chi effect of Blast, but only effects Supernatural Creatures, and ignores creature armor and damage immunities. You may use your Sorcery when defending against arcanowave or creature power attacks even if you do not have Blast.

Mana Dissolution

Roll a magic check with a difficulty of 15. For the next (outcome) days, the magic juncture modifier in a sphere (outcome)x5 meters around yuo drops by (outcome), so does the arcanowave device and creature power modifier. You can only make this effect permanent if you have the permanency effect of the astral schtick.

Soul Mask

Anytime anyone attempts to use supernatural methods, of any sort including Chi powers, to detect you or gather information about you, add your Sorcery to the difficulty, even if the base difficulty is your sorcery. You can spend a magic point to extend this benefit to any person you touch for one day.

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