Transformed Cheetah

By Douglas P. Wojtowicz.

Attribute Modifiers

Move +3, Mind +1, Ref +2



Chi Cost: 2
Shot Cost: 3

Run up to twice your normal Move rating, even along walls of over water. The multiplier increases by 2 for each schtick you spend in this ability.


Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: 1

Add +3 to your active Dodge rating until the end of the sequence. Your speed is so great, it appears that you disappear from the path of the attack and are out of the way.


Chi Cost: 6
Shot Cost: 3

Make an unarmed martial arts attack, and ignore the Toughness of your target ( a simulation of the sheer power and accuracy you have when striking with your catlike speed). Note: This schtick can not be used in conjunction with the Abysmal Spines schtick. You either maul him with a claw strike, or you give him this speed or the other, not both.


Chi Cost: 8
Shot Cost: 1

With a successful martial arts check, you are able to stalk towards a foe unseen, or hide behind minimal cover. The Difficulty of the check is the target's Perception. By spending additional schticks on this ability, you may use the effect on multiple targets (the Difficulty then being the high Perception score among the targets). Once making a successful check, you may remain unnoticed as long as you like, but upon moving again you must make a new check. Anyone new entering the area who spots you disrupts the schtick's effect.

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