Transformed Cat

By Kevin Mowery.

Attribute Modifiers

+1 Charisma, +2 Perception, +2 Agility


Nine Lives

Chi Cost: 0
Shot Cost: 0

Functions exactly like the Creature Power Inevitable Comeback.


Chi Cost: 1 (3)
Shot Cost: 1 (3)

Leap twice your Move rating horizontally or Vertically for 1 Chi. For 3 Chi, leap and land on your enemy with a +2 AV to your Martial Arts.

Twilight Eyes

Chi Cost: 1
Shot Cost: 0

For each schtick of Twilight Eyes, you get a +2 to your perception AV to counter negative effects of darkness. You may spend up to five schticks on Twilight Eyes--with five levels, you may see in absolute darkness and see invisible creatures. It is not possible to raise perception above normal levels with Twilight Eyes.

Feline Grace

Chi Cost: X
Shot Cost: 0

You are limber and agile. For each Chi point spent, add 1 to the AV of any non-combat Agility or Martial Arts check.

Steal Breath

Chi Cost: 5
Shot Cost: 3

You can take your opponent's wind on a successful unarmed attack. Roll Martial Arts to hit as normal. For each schtick in Steal Breath you can reduce your opponent's AVs by 1, provided you do at least one Wound Point of damage after armor and toughness. Lost AVs are recovered at a rate of 1 per segment.

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