Buro Assassin

By David Eber.

Some few months ago I wrote a story called "Redemption" about a Buro assassin who comes to question his loyalties. Thinking about it now, I realized that there wasn't really a type that quite fit who he was. Thus, I decided to create a new archetype: Buro Assassin. After looking through the book, I almost decided not to go with it, as the Cyborg was pretty close to what I had in mind. However, that didn't quite fit my idea, and the fact that the Killer archetype doesn't list 2056 as a possible juncture of origin cinched it for me. I was thinking of also doing a Buro Super Soldier archetype as per the Shadowfist card, but it seemed to also be too much like the Cyborg.

"No one escapes the Buro's justice, consumer. No one."

You are a memeber of an elite force of covert operatives in the serivce of the Buro. Chosen at an early age, you were rigourously trained in the arts of armed and unarmed combat, and you were given the modifications to allow you to use arcanowave devices. Now you kill for the Buro, and you are very good at what you do. Your targets are dissidents, renegades, and traitors to the state. You have also been sent after the enemies of the Buro from without; members of rival factions in the secret war who have drawn enough attention to themselves to warrant extermination. As a result, you are well aware of the secret war, and you have travelled from juncture to juncture carrying out your missions. You've always done your job efficiently, never giving much thought to the ethics of your situation. But something happened to change all that. Maybe they sent you to kill someone who didn't deserve it. Maybe it was someone you cared about. Or maybe exposure to other times and places has shown you a better world, one without endless grey walls and ever present eyes. Whatever the case, you've decided to quit your job. But of course, no one ever resigns from the Buro. The only way for you to stay alive is for you to turn your skills against your former masters. Like it or not, you're now part of the secret war. When it comes down to it, maybe you don't really mind at all.

Bod 5, Chi 0 (Mag = 5), Mnd 5, Ref 5

Add 5 points to your primary attributes.

Arcanowave Device +5 (10) (Max 12)
Deceit +2 (7) [Max 12]
Guns +9 (=14)
Intimidation +2 (7) [Max 12]
Intrusion +3 (8) Martial Arts +5 (10) [Max 12]

Add 4 skill bonuses.

5 Schticks, which may be chosen from either the Guns or Arcanowave Devices Schtick lists. You must take at least 1 Gun Schtick and 1 Arcanowave Device.
You may take one weapon of the appropriate juncture for each of your Gun Schticks. Buro Assassins operating in the modern juncture may select weapons from that juncture.
Quick Schtick Pick:
aracnowave devices:
Juicer, Neural Stimulator
gun schticks:
Both Guns Blazing 3
2 x Buro 9, Buro Blue Flag
Wealth Level:
working stiff

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