Bounty Hunter

By Colin Chapman, with input by Bryant Durrell.

"Y'know something, @$$hole? I've been offered a 50% bonus to bring you back alive. I might've too, but you had to go and p!$$ me off, didn't you punk? Suddenly 50% doesn't seem a whole lot..." (BLAM! BLAM!).

You're a cynical loner, hated by criminals and barely tolerated by the law. Dead or alive? It sounds so simple doesn't it? Hah! Throughout history there has always been a call for your profession. A necessary evil. There have always been authorities, criminals, businesses and individuals who have needed the services of someone in your field. Willing to pay to have a 'problem' retrieved or 'neutralised'. Sometimes you wonder if you're any better than a common assassin...

You've taken jobs for concerns on both sides of the law, but lately you've begun to wonder what you've really acheived in life. You've made a basic living, and the thrill of the hunt was one of your few joys, but you've racked up a string of enemies as well, and somehow you just can't convince yourself that everyone you hunted had done something really wrong. You've always taken pride in your skill but something's missing in your life.

If you're from 2056 you may be sick of hunting down rebellious citizens for a corrupt Buro. Maybe you've hunted someone who was a lot more than they seemed and accidently stumbled upon the Secret War? Maybe your melodramatic hook has given you the cause your cynicism has denied you for so long?

Bod 5, Chi 0, Mnd 5 (Per=8), Ref 5

Add 3 points to one primary attribute. Add 2 points to another primary attribute. Add 2 points to one secondary attribute.

Detective + 2 (10)
Driving + 3 (8)
Guns + 9 (=14)
Info/Wanted Criminals + 2 (7)
Intimidation + 3 (8)
Martial Arts + 5 (=10)

Add 3 Skill Bonuses.

4 Gun schticks
Unique Schtick: Relentless Pursuit.
Your prey may hide on the other side of the world, or even reincarnate themselves into a different body, etc., but whatever happens, sooner or later, you'll catch up with them. You can track them through rivers and across barren rock. Nothing they can do will put you off the 'scent' for more than a short period. Once per game session, you may ask the GM for the current location of any individual you either have met or have been hired to find. The degree of accuracy of information may depend somewhat on how often you have used this schtick on the individual in question; more than once a week is not advised.
4 weapons of the appropriate juncture.
Quick Schtick Pick:
(69) dagger, bow, sword, throwing stars
(1850) dagger, sword, black powder pistol, black powder rifle
(contemporary) dagger, Franchi SPAS-12, Kahr K9, Desert Eagle .357
(2056) dagger, Buro Blade of Truth, Buro Avenger, Buro Crimestopper
Gun Schticks:
Carnival of Carnage, Fast Draw, Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs, Lightning Reload
Wealth Level:
Working Stiff

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