Transformed Bat

By Evan James.

Attribute Modifiers

Move +2, Reflexes +4



Chi Cost: 5
Shot Cost: 3

Make a bite attack with Martial Arts; opponent suffers damage equal to your Chi rating and you heal the same number of your lost Wound Points. The opponent you bite may only be affected by this once per session. However if you spend an additional schtick, your attack may be to place an opponent in a hold that renders them immobile while you continually drain them. Every 3 shots, your opponent may attempt to break the hold by making a Strength check against your Strength as the Difficulty. If they are unsuccessful, repeat the same Damage effect as noted above. If you do anything other then passively Dodge or drain, the opponent breaks the hold.


Chi Cost: 8
Shot Cost: 3

You can become airborne, and remain airborne until the end of the sequence. You may reach a maximum vertical height equal to your Move rating, and travel horizontally up to twice your Move rating. Each extra schtick adds a Move rating to vertical flight and two Move ratings to horizontal distance.


Chi Cost: 3
Shot Cost: 3

Make a bare-handed Martial Arts attack; the opponent suffers -- in addition to normal Damage -- 1 point of Impairment for every 5 Wound Points suffered (rounded down). Wound Points delivered through an Infect attack do not heal naturally; they must be treated with antibiotics or healing magic.


Chi Cost: 1
Shot Cost: 0

By listening to your radar-like sense, you can function in total darkness. Your penalty for making task checks when vision is required is reduced by 1 for each schtick bought in this ability. This lasts until the end of the sequence.

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