Arabian Sailor

By David Eber, with input by Bryant Durrell.

"Ah, the lure of the sea is as strong as the call of the siren...can you hear it, my friend?

You are a wanderer of the High Seas, setting sail for adventures in far-off, exotic locales. You've braved storms, pirates, sea-monsters, and all sorts of dangers during your career. Each time you swear you're going to give it up, but the thrill of adventure and the lure of the oceans keeps drawing you back. You've seen things most people couldn't even dream of. Of course, it doesn't hurt that your stories grow a bit with each retelling, so that the egg you found which was the size of a grapefruit is now the size of a cottage, and now it's a ruby instead of an egg.

Now, though, you really have found something that is beyond even your wildest imagination: a magical gateway to a secret world teeming with danger and adventure. How could you possibly not get involved?!? You're a sailor, a rogue, a wanderer, a lover, a storyteller, a swashbuckler, and an adventurer... you're a Secret Warrior as well.

Special: Legendary Arabia.
Bod 5, Chi 0 (For=5), Mnd 5 (Cha 6), Ref 5

Divide 6 points among your primary attributes. Max for all primary and secondary attributes is 10.

Driving (Piloting)+ 7 (12)
Info/Navigation + 5 (10)
Info/Seamanship + 7 (12)
Leadership + 4 (10)
Martial Arts + 5 (10)(Max 14)
Seduction +4 (10)

Add 6 Skill Bonuses.

2 weapon schticks
Unique Schtick: Kismet.
You've been blessed with Kismet, a kind of fortune that goes beyond simple luck into the realm of fate (sounds a bit like good feng shui, eh?). When you invoke Kismet, you may reverse the values of the positive and negative dice after you have rolled them. Thus, a roll of positive 1 and negative 5 would become positive 5 and negative 1. You must spend 1 Fortune point to use Kismet. You may not combine Kismet with a normal Fortune roll.
2 weapons of the appropriate juncture.
Quick Schtick Pick:
Cutlass, dagger
Weapon Schticks:
Both Blades Flashing (2)
Wealth Level:
Your wealth tends to fluctuate a lot during the course of your adventures. You begin normally at Poor. By spending one of your starting schticks or two of your skill bonuses you may begin at Working Stiff. You may have your own ship at this level, but if you do you will be Poor in every other regard. By spending 2 of your schticks or 4 of your skill bonuses you can begin at Rich.

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